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Character: Archer
Fandom: Fate/Stay Night
Character Notes:
History: ► Survived the infamous 'Fuyuki fire' due to having Avalon implanted in him. Was adopted by Emiya Kiritsugu.

► Raised by Emiya Kiritsugu throughout most of his life; taught two Magecrafts; Projection and Reinforcement.

► Emiya Kiritsugu dies; Emiya Shirou (Archer) adopts superhero ideal.

► Emiya Shirou is attacked by Lancer; summons Saber to fend him off. Becomes Master in the Holy Grail War.

► Wins Heaven's Feel 5 (Holy Grail War), but doesn't make use of the Grail wish.

► Perfects Projection and Reinforcement Magecraft.

► Becomes involved in a war; makes a contract with the world (Alaya) to save all of the people in front of him in exchange for his services as a Counter Guardian.

► Wish is granted; Emiya Shirou is blamed for starting the war and is executed.

► Emiya Shirou becomes Heroic Spirit EMIYA and is put into the Throne of Heroes.

► Works for years as a Counter Guardian, is robbed of his 'superhero ideal' and feels it was all a waste of time.

► Is summoned in the Fifth Holy Grail War (which he already experienced) with few memories of the past; aims to kill his younger self to erase his existence.

► Becomes Servant 'Archer' upon summoning, bound
to Master Tohsaka Rin. Is seen by his younger self fighting against
Servant Lancer.

► Breaks Servant contract with Rin by being stabbed by Servant Caster's Rule Breaker so that he may kill his younger self. Fights Servant Lancer upon Shirou and Rin's advancement on the Ryuudou Temple.

► Betrays Caster to get to Shirou; kidnaps Rin and goads Shirou into coming to save her.

► Fights with Shirou at the Einzbern castle; takes the final blow that he could have avoided.

► Is presumably 'killed' by Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon; disappears for now.

► Reappears saving Rin with a rain of swords from the Grail, and saves
his younger self from being sucked into the Grail with a single black
sword inbetween Gilgamesh's eyes.

► Claims he has 'found his answer' and swears to do his best from now on. Has final conversation with Rin before disappearing back into the Throne of Heroes.

Personality: Archer is the result of a man who sacrificed his
entire life for others and in return gained a great pain. The driving
force of Archer's life had been to become a 'superhero' which is why he
sacrificed his life for the sake of others. Throughout the many years he
lived, Archer realized that you could not save everyone and had
resolved in saving only those he could see. Archer was betrayed, both
literally and figuratively by his ideal and grew to despise the choices
he made in life. Archer himself states in the visual novel that the
“superhero” life he lives now is nothing more than a 'janitor' who
constantly cleans up humanity's messes. Archer has a great amount of
pain deep down in himself for being betrayed constantly by his ideal and
because of that, always sees his own life in an extremely pessimistic
view. Archer believes that going back in time and killing his younger
self will spare both of them from having to go through with that pain
or, at the very least, will save his younger self. This shows a small
side of compassion in Archer that is normally never seen.

On the
outside, however, Archer is a Deadpan Snarker. Frequently he will insult
others with sarcastic remarks and comments, but he will never stray
from facts. Archer is neither an optimist or pessimist when it comes to
the lives of others or life in general and is extremely realistic.
Archer is blunt, preferring not to use tact in favor of teaching people
their faults. This can make Archer come off as a huge asshole, unless
you know him well. This is why Rin decides to put up with him as much as
she does. Having lived as long as Archer has, Archer has had years to
perfect his little black book of comebacks and he might as well have
five of them on hand at any given time. Archer is usually indirect with
whatever he says, preferring to vaguely word things so that people can
catch on and learn from it. Being a True Neutral guy, Archer doesn't
lean one way or another and is usually only focused on his own goals
nine times out of ten. As stated in the visual novel, Archer claims to
Lancer that he is not a honorable person and at the same time isn't very
prideful. This is somewhat contradictory, as during battle Archer can
be seen shooting out small quips to Lancer and his opponents of his
confidence in his own skills.

But hey, can you blame him? Archer has lived for so long that his skills
have been fine tuned in battle after battle, and this has grown a good
bit of confidence in him. However, Archer isn't confidence in the
Gilgamesh haughty type of arrogance but instead, as stated before, he is
realistic. He speaks of his own abilities as he sees them and belittles
others abilities but only compared to his own as opposed to overall.
Archer is also shown to be an extremely jaded and bitter individual as
well, shown at how he instantly grows to hate his past self just as his
past self grows to hate him. Archer is the very embodiment of everything
Emiya Shirou strives to be, yet at the same time wishes not to be.
Archer is extremely fixated on any decision he makes and shows no
emotion when completing his goal. Even if Archer has some kind of
personal opinion on the topic, it doesn't matter. He shoves his emotions
down as far as he can so that he can complete his goal much more
efficiently. In essence, Archer can be seen as a machine that throughout
his entire life has done nothing but appease those that control and
command him.

Archer is also extremely intelligent in combat,
shown in his personal skills and decisions made during combat. One final
piece of Archer's personality that is important to note is one of the
biggest differences between Archer and Shirou's UBW chant. Archer's
nearly concludes as “Yet these hands will never hold anything”, showing
the regret that Archer has toward all of his actions. Shirou, however,
concludes that he will continue running forward with no regrets,
evidenced by his line “I have no regrets, this is the only path.” It is
this decision Shirou makes that moves Archer to become a better person
and to strive to reach a middle ground. At the end of UBW, Archer's
personality seems to have softened up due to the man's quote in the end
of the route; “I have found my answer, I will do my best from now on.”
Archer still shows regret toward most of his actions but does not keep
his attention focused on nothing but the past, instead deciding to
finally look toward the future and the outcomes that may come from such a

Other: N/A

Additional Links: Wikia link to Archer

Full body picture of Archer from the wikia.

First Person (entry type): [The
webcam atop the computer turns on to focus upon Archer, who is not
wearing his typical smirk. Instead he has a frown and a forlorn look in
his eyes.]

It is time I have revealed to the community the truth I have been hiding for so long.

am a future version of someone you may know as Emiya Shirou. For my
entire life, I valued everyone above myself. I sacrificed my life to
become a superhero that could save everyone. It was a beautiful dream, a
beloved ideal that I had adopted from a man named Kiritsugu. I swore my
life to upholding this ideal.

...But I slowly began to realize the idiocy of my dream.

and time again I was used for nothing but the trash truck of humanity,
fixing it's messes and making the world right again. This was not the
kind of life I envisioned... this was not the type of hero I wished to

[There's a pause in the man's words...]

I resolved to fix my past mistakes, by going back in time and killing
my younger self. I felt this would create a time paradox where I would
never have existed. It was a small shot and nothing was guaranteed...
but I was out of options.

As I fought my younger self, I began to
realize that he had changed. I don't know what brought it on, but
unlike myself, he showed no regret in his decisions in life and chose to
continue running forward no matter what kind of life may await him. It
was through the crossing of our swords that I found the answer to my

[The video cuts to Archer folding his arms, and
the community will now see something they had never witnessed during his
long stay here: a smile.]

as I swore then, I swear now. I will continue to do my best from now
on, now that I have obtained the answer that has eluded me for many
years. I still regret what I have done in the past, but I will no longer
look in that direction. The future is where my sights are now set.

[This is when the webcam feed cuts off, after the smile is replaced by Archer's trademark smirk.]

Third Person:
Hopelessness was the main emotion Archer felt when looking upon his
past. Many things had happened, much blood had been shed and swords had
been pierced in more than one location. To serve others nonstop was a
fool's goal, something that Archer wished he could erase from his life.
It was a sad life, one filled of hurt and regret and anger toward those
that constantly used him. During the Grail War, it seemed like Archer
finally had the chance to erase everything that happened to him.
However, these dreams had been robbed just as quick as they came. But at
the same time, it was as if Archer came out of it a separate person.
His relationship with Rin was still the same, hence why he was relaxing
in front of her computer. It seemed Archer had found a new passion in
the internet. This new 'duck' site he had discovered allowed him not
only to talk to those he didn't know, but those he did know from
completely different worlds. Perhaps he could discover another him from a
world where Emiya Shirou was killed. Pressing his fingers to the keys
and clicking the webcam on, Archer would load up the site before
preparing an entry. Releasing his hands from the keyboard, Archer spoke
clearly whilst fixing his gaze on the webcam. The words that came next
were out of curiosity, and above all else, another answer that Archer
longed for.

"...Have you ever had a deferred dream, community?"


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